Service Marketing Mix

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I am study of the 7 p’s of KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK in related to marketing research. I also study in details 3 p’s of service marketing like people, process, & physical evidence etc.

1) People
2) Process
3) Physical evidence
4) Product
5) Price
6) Place
7) Promotion

1) PEOPLE: - In the people in the service mix in service organization are people assented organization and people based organization. Employees of the service firm constitute the major competency in the understanding business operation. Every employees of the service organization is marketing person who undertakes either full time or part time marketing activity whether an employee is involve with direct contacts or not, he was placed on the line of visibility his behavior, activities, & performance will have direct influence on consumer service. Employees are to be trained and motivated for better performance in marketing activities. In related to KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK I can say that our vision is satisfaction level of consumer & other values given by BANK.

In service marketing there are three types of process. That is Line operation, Job shop operation, & intermittent operation. Process is the activity that assures service quality & availability. The way the physical setting designed technique and how the functions scheduled & routed to provide premised service to customer efficiency process. In simple terms the management of process is to manage the service encounters. The challenges of the process management are to improve the moment of truth.

Where is the service being delivered? Physical evidence is the element of service mix. Consumer always makes a judgment on...
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