Service Marketing Chapter Summery

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Chapter 6
Summary: Listening to Customers Through Research

Understanding customer expectations is required for delivering superior service. The chapter states that the customers compare perceptions with expectations when judging a firm’s services. However, the nature of customer service expectations and how they are formed has remained ambiguous. Researchers have defined customer service expectations in a variety of ways but with no conceptual framework to link different types of expectations. At this point it indicates their interactions in influencing perceptions of service performance connect expectation with perception. Listening to customers through research is how the bridge between expectation and perception actually takes place. To get the thorough idea and to make a perfect offering, there are certain steps to follow.

Before going to any consumers, we have to identify what are the information we are looking for and how we are choosing to gather that information. To discover customer requirements or expectations for service, to monitor and track service performance to assess overall company performance compared with that of competition, to assess gaps between customer expectations and perceptions, to identify dissatisfied customers, so that service recovery can be attempted, to gauge effectiveness of changes in service delivery, to appraise the service performance of individuals and teams for evaluation, recognition, and rewards, to determine customer expectations for a new service to monitor changing customer expectations in an industry and to forecast future expectations of customers.

A service research program can be defined as the composite of separate research studies and types needed to address research objectives and execute an overall measurement strategy. Many types of research could be considered in a research program. By selecting the best criterion, the research program will be successful using both qualitative and quantitative, both expectations and perceptions of customers, balancing the cost of the research and the value of the information, might include statistical validity when necessary, measures priorities or importance of attributes, occurs with appropriate frequency and includes measurement of loyalty, intentions and behavior.

When it comes to the elements of effective service marketing, there are some research steps that help. Customer Complaint Solicitation, Relationship Surveys, Post-Transaction Surveys, Customer Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping of Service Providers, Employee Surveys, Lost Customer Research, Critical Service Encounters Research, all are individually a part of listening to customers through research and discovering new services that meets the actual service demand.

When it comes to the situation that how to gather information and what is the standard that needs to be followed then comes common means for answering questions. This states to ask customers directly by mail, phone, face-to-face, online, one-on-one, in groups, Fazle Kaiser (2012-2-95-127)

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MBA Assignment
2nd Mid Makeup

formal/informal, observing customers with anthropological tools or qualitative depth. Get information from employees and front line service providers. Database marketing research such as use customer information files or capture behavior through data analysis. Finally, upward communication, ways in which management obtains and uses information from customers and customer contact personnel, was discussed. These topics combine to close gap one between customer expectations and company understanding of customer expectations, the first of four provider gaps in the gaps model of service quality. Lots of customers want to be ―relationship customers‖ of the firms serving them. They want ongoing, personalized relationships with the same representatives. They want these representatives to contact them, rather than...
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