Service Marketing

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Nurul Asyiqin Binti Mohamad Ruhmilin
Eswi Binti Emasain
Jannah Jailen

Lecturer : Mdm Siti Hajar Khazali

Mini Project (Menton Bank)
1. Identify the steps taken by Menton Bank to develop a stronger customer orientation in its retail branches?

Steps taken by Menton Bank to develop a stronger customer orientation in its retail branches: i. The Board of Directors had appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and given him the mandate of developing a stronger customer orientation at the retail level. ii. Create a new banking technology team, which is they begin by ordering an expansion and speed-up of Menton’s investment in electronic delivery system because they had fallen behind the competition. iii. The bank had tripled the number of automated teller machines (ATM) located inside its branches, replacing older ATMs by the latest models featuring colour touch screens and capable of a broader array of transaction in multiple languages. iv. Giving its customers access to freestanding 24 hour booths in shopping centers, airports and other high-traffic location. v. Top management intended to redesign the interior of each branch. vi. Introduced automated telephone banking, which allowed customer to check account balances and to move funds from one account to another by touching specific keys on their phone in response to the instructions of a computerized voice. vii. Customer also can call a central customer services office to speak with a bank representative concerning service questions or problems with their account as well as to request new account applications or new check books, which would be sent by email. viii. Menton was evaluating the possibility of expanding the operation to include a board array of retail bank services, offered on a 24 hour basis. ix. They also redesign the bank’s web site to...
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