Service Line Development AMT2 Task 2 2

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Service Line Development AMT2
Task 2
Western Governors University
March 22, 2015

A. Trinity Community Hospital Community Health Assessment
1. Major Risks Factors Identified
After review of the community health needs assessment, there were major risk factors identified that will affect the primary service area over the next five years. The demand for oncology services is expected to grow 34% in the next five years and primarily target men over 65. As with oncology, cardiovascular services is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years with an average growth of services to be an increase of 23%. The largest demand of service focus area will be coronary artery disease, diagnostic cath procedures and angioplasties. Since 15% of the service area will be over 65 in the next five years, the demand for state of the art, cardiovascular and oncology services will surely be on the rise. In addition to the increase in demand for oncology and cardiovascular services, the largest demand will be for orthopedic services as that area is expected to have rapid growth over the next five years. The increase in orthopedic cases is expected to grow 46%, which is a tremendous spike. Inpatient joint and spine procedures are predicted to increase 30% but the most rapid growth of all focus areas is in outpatient joint and spine procedures which is expected to increase 350%!.

2. Addressing the Demands from the Community Health Assessment
Trinity Community Hospital recognizes the need for additional practitioners as the recruitment for additional physicians is already underway. That is tremendous that recruitment is underway. However, that is about the only improvement or planning that has been determined. Medical equipment is outdated and not keeping pace with the growth in patient volume. A need for additional equipment has been recognized but it does not appear that all needs identified have been factored in to the budget for additional imaging equipment specifically for oncology. In addition to the need for updated medical equipment, it has been determined that the facilities are not equipped to handle the growth therefore operating suites and chemo units will need to be built into the strategic plan. The five year plan should be more detailed to determine what the expansion of the oncology center will include. The largest area that seems to have been missed altogether is the general education and screening for cancer prevention and control. There should be community education on sites to screen as well as lifestyle modification including diet, exercise and nutritional education to prevent and control disease thus improving outcomes and lowering costs. Community education has been noted in the five year plan under the strategic plan but nothing is being addressed yet. Cardiovascular

As with oncology, the team has been already looking to recruit additional physicians for cardiovascular services. These efforts are already underway and have been established as a priority in the strategic plan. Cardiovascular services are going to have a need for additional facilities as well to house new cath labs, surgical suites and cardiac rehab areas. Two additional cath labs and cardiac rehab expansion has been budgeted as a capital investment in the five year plan. However, there is no mention of new surgical suites to support the increase in angioplasties and other cardiac procedures. Community education is another area that has not had a very specific focus and lacks quality programs to help with early prevention and detection. There needs to be specific programs that focus on lifestyle modification and nutritional education that promote healthy living and disease prevention. Orthopedic

Recruitment has been recognized for all services hospital wide as current resources do not support the expected growth. Interviews with orthopedic and neurosurgeons are...

References: WGU AMT 2 Case Study and Task 2 Artifacts
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