Service Level Agreement (Sla) Matrix

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SLA Matrix

Service Request Matrix

Change Order Table|
Category to Assign| Resolution SLA| Description|
Acct.Applications| 2 Bus Days| Account Creation CSS|
Acct.Applications.CDM| 2 Bus Days| Account Applications CDM| Acct.Applications.DR Avenue| 2 Bus Days| Account Creation DR Avenue| Acct.Applications.PFX/ECS| 2 Bus Days| PFX/ECS|
Acct.Email.Other| 2 Bus Days| Account Email|
Acct.New| 2 Bus Days| Account Creation Active Directory| Acct.Term| COB| Security Employee Termination|
Acct.Transfer| 5 Bus Days| Account Transfer requested|
GSP.Kronos| 2 Bus Days| GSP Kronos|
Hardware.Moves| 5 Bus Days| Hardware PC Moves|
HW.Blackberry.New| 5 Bus Days| Phone New Blackberry|
HW.Cellphone.New| 5 Bus Days| Phone New Cell Phone|
HW.Moves| 5 Bus Days| Hardware Moves|
HW.Network.New| 60 Days| Hardware New Network device|
HW.PC.New| 5 Bus Days| Hardware New PC |
HW.PC.Peripherals| 5 Bus Days| Hardware PC Peripherals|
HW.PC.Refresh| 5 Bus Days| Hardware PC Refresh|
HW.Phone.New| 5 Bus Days| Phone New Telephone|
HW.Printers.New| 5 Bus Days| Hardware New Printer|
HW.WirelessCard.New| 5 Bus Days| Wireless Aircards|
LEH.Acct.Applications| 2 Bus Days| LEH Account Applications| LEH.Acct.New| 2 Bus Days| LEH Acct New|
LEH.Acct.Term| COB| LEH Account Termination|
LEH.HW.Blackberry.New| 5 Bus Days| LEH HW Blackberry New| LEH.HW.PC.NEW| 5 Bus Days| LEH PC New|
LEH.HW.PC.Peripherals| 5 Bus Days| LEH HW PC Peripherals| LEH.HW.PC.Refresh| 5 Bus Days| LEH Hardware PC Refresh|
LEH.HW.Printers.New| 5 Bus Days| LEH HW Printers New|
LEH.Sec.Directory.Access| 2 Bus Days| LEH Security|
LEH.SW.New| 5 Bus Days| LEH Software New Software|
NW.IP.New| 5 Bus Days| New IP scheme|
Phone.IM| 2 Bus Days| Account Creation Instant Meeting Card| Phone.Move| 5 Bus Days| Phone Telephone Moves|
Phone.New.Requested| 2 Bus Days| Account Creation...
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