Service Learning Paper

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Henry Adams once claimed, “A teacher affects eternity; [she] can never tell where [her] influence stops”. Although Adams’ word choice only pertained to the male teachers, it can only be assumed he believed any teacher could achieve this. In order to be a successful teacher, accomplishing a lifelong affect on a student’s life is a necessity. Adams’ quote describes my belief in teaching quite perfectly, and my experiences during service learning provides evidence for his statement. These experiences have only added to reinforcing my decision to choose teaching as my profession. My service learning took place at two different schools. My very first experience was through Sherman Elementary School. Unfortunately, only having one day there constricted me from gaining the full experience of the school. However, the school’s principal amazed me with his determination for improving their academics and environment. The school seemed fairly new, like most of Toledo Public Schools. His passion was contagious, and his heart was truly in it for these kids. The environment at that school had a very welcoming vibe, and the students were all eager to work with us. It seemed like all these schools, who were struggling to keep their academic level at an acceptable status, just needed someone to be confident in them. Teaching at a less developed school like this one definitely appeals to me. I sat in a sixth grade classroom momentarily that day, because the principal had taken up most of our time with a tour. The teacher was very sweet, and had good control on students who liked to test her patience. Although I believe that I could have benefited tremendously from that experience, I accepted my move to another school. I am currently fulfilling my service learning hours at Keyser Elementary. The environment at Sherman Elementary and Keyser differ dramatically. The staff at Keyser was usually very disorganized and seemed unprepared for our visit each week. The Bowling Green...
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