Service Learning

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Service Learning Essay
******* ******* Year Twelve

The first service learning project I completed was in 2006 which was a participation in tutoring a year six student in the Aquinas College junior school. This tutoring was during winter. After the first week I found it difficult to complete three sport trainings a week (1 in Melville), an after school guitar lesson, a hockey game on Friday nights plus the tutoring program, I thought I was going to have to stop the tutoring and complete service learning in a different area. But after the first week of tutoring I found that tutoring became a priority, I felt that Ricardo found the tutoring much help and seemed to benefit from it. I finished the tutoring program without missing one session. This program helped many junior schoolers with their schoolwork hopefully it gave them a good beginning to the changes they will face in further years.

Later the same year I donated blood to the Red Cross Blood Appeal in Perth, giving blood was a great experience that I and the other boys enjoyed. I wouldn't hesitate the next time I have an opportunity to give blood. Although most of the blood was sent to Eastern states it was still a good feeling to be part of such a successful appeal that could provide more blood than the people in the state need. The Red Cross Blood Appeal is a terrific program it was by far a very enjoyable point of that school year and took much of the pressure of upcoming exams away. It feels real good when I see the ads on TV now and I know that I have helped in a small way.
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