Service Experience Report

Topics: Service system, Expected value, Cleaning Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Service Experience Report

Service experience
Last month, my parents made a week’s time for a short tour. While, I was responsible for housesitting. During this period, I invited my friends to a party in my house. After an exciting night, the scene surprised me deeply. My home was left in a terrible mess that was full of beverage stains and garbage. Actually, the day my parents come back was getting closer, so I was very worried. And I started seeking the housekeeping on Internet, after comparing some companies, I chose one named ABSOLUTE DOMESTICS because many net citizens thought it is good. So I called the number, after check basic information and I ordered the time and one people. Besides I emphasized that I need them to finish the work as soon as possible. After operator giving a recognized reply, I began to wait. Next day that is February 15th, at 9:00 AM, the ‘ABSOLUTE DOMESTICS’ team came to my house on time. They greeted with smile: “ Nice to meet you, Sir. We are ‘ABSOLUTE DOMESTICS’ and we are so glad to serve you, Sir.” “ Nice to meet you, come in. “ I said. They were 2 people, but I remembered that I ordered one people. The leader explained for me that I was first being served, and at that moment, I emphasized that I need them to finish quickly. So they added one more people as the initiative, and it was free. I was a little surprised. Then, I told them what and where they should tidy and clean, and we checked and signed the contract that upholds the benefit between us. After that, they began cleaning, and I did my own work in my room. Two hours passed, I wanted to check that how the cleaning are going. And I found that most garbage had been cleaned, they were wiping tables and cabinets industriously. Then, I back to my room and hope they can do well. At 1:00 P.M., the leader knocked the door politely and said they had finished the work. And I lastly checked every corner of the house, after their careful and diligent cleaning, the house returned...

References: Lovelock, C, Wirtz, J, and Chew, P 2009, Essentials of Services Marketing, Pearson Education
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