Service Encounter Analysis

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Service Encounter Journal

As consumers we hold a very influential and powerful tool, money. Whether buying a top-quality watch like a Rolex or purchasing a shirt at Wal-Mart, we expect to get value from our monetary expenditures. In reference to the previous items, the customer dealt with absolutes. They are physically tangible items that cannot be returned or resold. Customers tend to have a high level of confidence in their expectation for these goods; however, services set on the other end of the spectrum. They are produced and consumed simultaneously. Once committed, a customer assumes a much higher risk of variability; therefore, a company should focus attentively on their quality of service. A company must measure the varying distances between customer expectations and perceptions. When applying gap analysis to the restaurant industry, the most relevant application lies in Provider Gap Three: the difference between customer-driven service design and standards and service delivery. A restaurant must have an efficient and effective system in place to meet the demands of customers with relative speed and quality. The assurance of a high level of service performance is of the utmost importance. My patience was tested recently at Star Kabab. Two friends and I decided to eat at the Star Kabab Dhanmondi location on 14th February 2013. We proceeded to wait for around twenty minutes to be greeted. At this point, within the parameters of an effective design, we should have been greeted already. I noticed right away there was a deficiency in their human resource policy. We had been passed by two other servers. Servers are trained to notify one another if there are customers in their section. Three people had thus far failed in delivering service. With our impatience and waiting time continually being built upon, I physically got up. I walked up to the floor manager and notified him that we had waited for a long amount of time. Considering our already large zone...
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