Service Concept Profiling

Topics: Service design, Customer service, Concept Pages: 8 (2546 words) Published: February 16, 2013

MGT 3160 - Services Management

Done By: Rahul Khanchandani
Submission Date: 11th December 2012
Lecturer: Mrs. Neelofer Mashod

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Service Concept| Pages 3-5|
Service Concept Profiling| Pages 6-7|
SERVQUAL Model| Pages 8-9|
Conclusion| Page 10|

Table of Contents:

Service Concept:
People buy different kinds of services from different companies to fulfill their wants/needs. Example: A customer buys a flight ticket of Emirates which routes to London. Not only does the customer buy his/her transportation method to London, they buy a concept. They buy comfortable seating, in flight meal and entertainment and reaching their destination on time at the lowest conceivable price. The way in which an organization labels the services provided to the customer and what service the customer is buying/using is known as the Service Concept. Service concept is intensely related to what a customer expects of his/her service (External Stakeholders) and what the staff of the organization thinks about the service they are providing to their customers (Internal Stakeholders) (Johnston and Clark, 2008). With the help of Service Concept, an Organization has an advantage over its competitors in the market as the service concept not only supports the organization to sell their services, but also concentrates on satisfying the customer’s expectations, which helps the organization differentiate their services from other organizations. There are four main elements which help regulate a Service Concept: 1) Service Experience: Awareness that the customer has about the service is Service Experience. 2) Service Value: This is the assessment the customer is ready to pay in monetary terms for the service, with additional benefits the customer seems is suitable for them and worth to pay for. 3) Service Operation: The way in which operations of a service is processed is known to be the Service operation. 4) Service Outcome: The conclusion of what the service provides to the organization and the customer as well, is known as the Service Outcome.

One example to show you how the different elements of the service concept make a complete service is the Umm Al Quwain based DREAM LAND AQUA PARK. When the Park was built their primary service concept was to provide its customers with an extravagantly thrilling experience where they could feel away from their tensions and enjoy a good time with their family and friends. The park has many attractions for all age groups, various thrilling rides, different restaurants that suits the customer’s taste buds and a complete wholesome entertaining EXPERIENCE. The OPERATIONS of the organization are handled very efficiently, whether having quick ques for the tickets, long rides for peak rides, efficient service in all the restaurants, huge parking lot to accommodate all the visitor’s cars. The OUTCOME of these are that the visitor has an entertaining experience , enjoy different exciting rides, an eventful day with their family and friends and safety trials which make the visitors feel safe and special. The VALUE of the service has been well received because the customers are paying a very affordable price for different rides, easy parking and have a variety of restaurants where they can satisfy their appetite and this can be evident as this Aqua Park is one of the most popular parks today. The organization has immensely succeeded in satisfying their customers by fulfilling their expectations using those elements appropriately. It is important for Organizations to know that when the Service Concept is used as a Strategic Tool, It becomes a powerful tool to cultivate the Organization (Van Looey, 2003) (Johnston and Clark, 2008). Service concept, as a Strategic Tool, can: 1. Create Organizational Alignment (Johnston and Clark,...
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