Service blueprinting

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Service blueprinting at Grupo Fernando Simao
Grupo Fernando Simao noticed that they had some inefficiencies at one of their dealerships. When they took a closer look they found out that only 60% of the jobs were finished on time. In terms of value-creation for the customer it is clear that this has to improve. If they took a look to the value-creation for the company their biggest struggle was that there was only value-creation during 40% of their paid work. To solve these problems GFS decided to make a Service Blueprint. This is a model that describes the nature and the characteristics of the service interaction. The process of the customer is the most important and everything of the service blueprint is build around this. The emphasis lies on the customer experience. Making a blueprint can lead to some important insights. Firstly it provides you a platform that shows you how your company is working on the level of services. It makes clear to every employee what his role in the process is. It also makes it easier to deliberate with your co-workers. Another advantage is that everyone in de company can see how the customer experiences the process. By comparing the ‘as is’ Service Blueprint with the blueprint of what you want to achieve you can see the adaptions that need to be made. The moments of truth become visible and show you at which points during the process it is very important to be committed with your customer. The service blueprint of GFS shows that a lot of things can be improved. A first problem is that the front-office workers have no idea what the problem with the car might be. This ensures that when the porter brings the car to the technician he has to determine the problem, then he has to inform the front-office worker who has to call the customer to ask if the technician may repair the car. In the mean time the porter brings the car back to the car storage so the technician can work on another car while waiting on the response of the...
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