Service Blueprint for Hospital

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Service Blueprint
Service blueprinting is defined as a tool for simultaneously depicting the service process, the points of customer contact, and the evidence of the service from the customer’s point of view. The proposed blueprint allows for a quantitative description of critical service elements, such as time, logical sequences of actions and processes, also specifying both actions/events that happen in the time and place of the interaction (front office) and actions/events that are out of the line of visibility for the users, but are fundamental for the service. Chosen Service - Hospital Industry

Visited Service Business – Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Healthcare/Hospital Sector
Healthcare, which is a US$ 35 billion industry in India, is expected to reach over US$ 75 billion by 2012 and US$ 150 billion by 2017 according to Technopak Advisors in their report - 'India Healthcare Trends 2008'. The private sector accounts for nearly 80% of the healthcare market, while public expenditure accounts for 20%. India’s excellence in the field of modern medicine and its ancient methods of physical and spiritual wellbeing make it the most favorable destination for good health and peaceful living. India’s cost advantage and explosive growth of private hospitals, equipped with latest technology and skilled healthcare professionals has made it a preferred destination for medical tourism Hospital -

The sequential procedure for the service blueprint for JNMC hospital was obtained by interviewing Dr.Arpana Hanchinmani, Belgaum. Procedure followed at JNMC hospital
1.Patient goes to the main Reception desk and gets an OPD (Out Patient Department) card. 2.Depending on the complaint, patient is referred to the specialty department 3.Patient meets the receptionist of the specialty department and specialty department OPD is made 4.Patient is sent to a Consulting room

5.(In a non teaching Hospital) patient is sent to a consultant/(In a teaching Hospital)Intern or Post...
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