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History and brand identity
Garuda Indonesia is a commercial airline company which started its aviation industry based in Indonesia in 1949. Its first maiden flight which commenced from Calcutta to Rangoon, named “Indonesian Airways”.

In 1950, Garuda Indonesia was officially established as a State Corporation. It was during this period that the company introduced a fleet of 38 aircrafts. During the 1980s, Garuda Indonesia underwent a restructuring revamped for its fleet and operations. Garuda Indonesia Training Center and Aircraft Maintenance Center was launched to provide the developments of intensive training programs for its staff and crews.

Throughout the years, many business development were established and expanded and the objectives were to improve operational efficiency, regaining financial stability and create awareness for the importance of customer service. Today, Garuda Indonesia is ranked among the 30 largest airlines of the world and to create a special brand identity, the concept of “Garuda Indonesia Experience” was launched in 2009 to promote indonesia at an international level.

The Garuda Indonesia is in second position which fly 690,336 people. However the increase reached 45.34 percent compared to first quarter 2010 that as many as 474,956 passengers​. Garuda Indonesia has the internatio​nal passenger market by 36.73 percent.

Garuda Indonesia president and CEO, Emirsyah (Emir) Satar,

Garuda, like its regional counterparts, has been struggling with the global recession and its impact on the number of travellers and ultimately the airline's revenues. The bombings have worsened the impact of the crisis and prolonged the time it will take to recover from it.

Interestingly, Garuda compares well to its regional counterparts when it comes to weathering the current global slowdown. One of the major advantages the airline has is the nature of its routes, which are largely short haul. The global recession has impacted...
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