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server 2008

By Rapid54 Apr 05, 2014 341 Words
Fill in the blank on page number 19
2. Forest
3. Multi master
4. External trust
5. Domain
6. Object identifier
7. Cross forest trust
8. Two-way transitive
9. Universal group caching
10. SRV record

Multiple-choice on page 57 and 58 1. Priority
2. Staged installation
3. Object identifier
4. Restart able active directory
5. Netdom
6. Server manager
7. Flexible single master operations roles
8. Admin role separation
9. Server core
10. Time to live
Answers for Pages 97,98, 98 chapter 4 Fill in the blank
1.Clock skew
2.PDC Emulator
3.Universal group membership caching
4.Domain naming master
5.Role seizure
6.Partial attribute set (PAS)
7.Security identifier
8.Infrastructure master
9.Role transfer
10.Universal group

Multiple choice
1.Global catalog
2.Schema master
3.TCP port 3268
4.1 domain naming master,1 schema master,4 PDC emulators,4 infrastructure masters,4 RID masters. 5.Do nothing. Your clients will still be able to log in while the schema master is offline 6.You must be a member of the schema admins group to create an application directory partition. 7.500

8.The PDC emulator for the child domain
9.Relative identifier
10.Active directory users and computers.

Chapter 5 page 122,123,124 Fill in the blank
1.Domain Local Groups
2.Comma-separated Value Directory Exchange (CSVDE)
3.Security Identifier (SID)
4.Special Identity Group
6.access token
7.Security Account Manager (SAM)
8.Header Record
9.Distribution Group
10.Group Nesting

Multiple choice chapter 5

Chapter 6 page 136,137
1.I- secondary logon
2.E - dsmove
3. A – active directory migration tool
4. C- dictionary attack
5. J- strong password
6.H- runas
7. G- pin
8. B- delegation of control wizard
9.D- drag and drop
10. F- password cracking

Multiple choice chapter 6
1. b
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. c
6. b
7. c
8. b
9. c
10. a

Chapter 7 page 152, 153
1.E- enforce
2.I- LSDOu
3.F- GPO inheritance
4.B- asynchronous processing
5.A- administrative templates
6.H- loopback processing
7.J- multiple local GPOs
8.C- block policy inhertitance
9.D- default domain controller policy
10.G- local GPO

Multiple choice

Chapter 8 pages 179,180
Fill in the blank
2.Restricted Groups
5.account logon events
6.Key Distribution Center (KDC)
7.Folder Redirection Key Distribution Center (FRKDC)
8.Kerberos Polocies
9.policy change events
10.System Services

Multiple choice

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