Servant of Two Masters Play Review

Topics: Character, Actor, Drama Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Kyle Rilk
Mr. Fallows
Theatre I
16 October 2012
Servant of Two Masters Play Review
On September 28, I saw the play The Servant of Two Masters at Heritage High School with my sister. After the play ended, I had left with a satisfying feeling. I cannot speak for my sister, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought of it as a clever, almost flawless play.

The Servant of Two Masters starts with actors in a poor economy trying to perform the play The Servant of Two Masters, and the actors discuss the poor quality of their production and such, only to move on to performing the play. In the play they perform, the main character “Truffaldino”, a hungry slave, finds himself becoming a servant of two masters. His masters, “Florindo” and “Beatrice”, are looking for there lovers, who are unknowingly each other. Beatrice is disguised as her dead brother in order to collect dowry money from “Pantalone”, which she wouldn't have been able to receive if not in disguise. Because of this disguise, it causes drama between not only herself and Florindo, but also “Clarice”, now stuck between marrying who she loves, “Sylvio” and the disguised Beatrice, because she believes the disguise. “Truffaldino” finds himself juggling between both masters, doing tasks and errands for both, all while on his empty stomach. In the end, Truffaldino is discovered to have two masters, but is not punished by either master because both Beatrice and Florindo found each other.

I found Florindo, played by Freddy Moore, to be absolutely hilarious. His physical appearance and voice fit his egotistical role very well. But his acting in this role is what really got my interest. When delivering his lines, I found Freddy to be very strong in his deliverance, whether he was happy, sad, or enraged. He was very believable as a character because of this. Even when not the focus, he was still very believable. In the lunch scene, when the focus was clearly not his, he still was in character, happily...
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