Servant Leadership

Topics: New Testament, Christianity, Paul of Tarsus Pages: 4 (1357 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Servant Leadership
Winter Quarter 2012

1.The Role of Authority in Our Lives
God placed authorities over our lives to test us on how we respond and honor those authorities. All authorities are ordained by God. Romans 13:1-2 states that every soul is subject to the governing authorities and that God has appointed all authorities regardless of their past roles and experience. John Bevere writes that “When we oppose God’s delegated authority, we oppose God Himself (Under Cover, Chapter 8)!” Prior to this course, I have encountered many authorities where I have questioned their leadership ability. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my questioning was a form of disobedience towards God. Since then, my view on authority has completely changed. I now know that God places each authority in our lives for a reason. One primary reason is to test the motives of our heart. God wants to see how we act towards our leaders especially during times when we are treated harshly. John Bevere states that the greater hardship you endure, the greater the authority God entrusts in you (Under Cover, Chapter 13). God grants us an opportunity honor him by how respond to authority. God wants to see us advance in life and utilizes his delegated authorities to test whether or not we can are ready for our next promotion. This was evident in the story of the Tale of Three Kings, where David was tortured and abused by King Saul. During this tough period, David never grew in contempt of King Saul, instead he kept his honor which eventually lead up to his succession as the next king of Israel. God will not promote us if he thinks we are not ready to handle it.

2.Submission and Obedience
God tells us that we must submit wholeheartedly to authority. Any act of obedience is seen as an act of rebellion towards God. Hebrews 13:17 warns us that we must obey and be submissive to our authorities because this allows...

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