Servant Leader

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Running Head: Servant Leaders

Servant Leaders
Not an ordinary leader, To Lead and Serve with great purpose

Professional Development, MBA 525
Professor Darren Adamson
June 15th, 2012


Each and every one of us has come across excellent leaders in our work centers and in life. These types of people leave a lasting impression on us and we forever remember their names. We learn from these leaders and we grow from these leaders. From their efforts we become great leaders ourselves. There are many types of leadership styles ranging from autocratic leadership to bureaucratic leadership, servant leadership to transformation leadership, and from democratic leadership to laissez-faire leadership. With so many types of leadership styles, it may be hard for a leader to choose their own style. Autocratic leadership is when a leader extends high level of control and authority over their employees (vector study 2008). Many employees do not like autocratic leadership because they don’t have a voice and it can lead to high turnover. Bureaucratic leaders work by the book and have high levels of control over employees similar to autocratic leaders. Democratic leaders let team members become more involved unlike autocratic and bureaucratic leaders. Laissez-faire leadership means to “let it be”, employees are left to do work independently but in this style of leadership there is no control and things can fall through the cracks. For general introduction purposes, there are two types of inspiration leadership styles left. These two types of leaders bring change to any organization and inspire us all. The first is a transformation leader, which is a true leader who inspires all. An example of a transformation leader would be our President Barack Obama. The second is the servant leader; the servant leader is no ordinary leader. The servant leader leads and serves with great purpose. The servant leader is a unique leader. A servant leader is a special type of leader. This is a leader that we always will remember and inspire to be just like them. A servant leader puts others needs before their own. A servant leader can be a hero, an amazing leader, and an inspiration to all. Not many are called to be servant leaders, but the ones that are have put others before themselves and they will always be respected for their leadership style. What is a Servant Leader?

The term, servant leader was coined by a man named Robert K. Greenleaf. The concept was developed in 1970 in which Greenleaf wrote about what is a servant leader. Servant leadership is a practice of leadership that is support by many. Servant leaders are expected to gain results for their organizations by putting the needs of their colleagues above their own (Greenleaf 1970). “Servant leaders are often seen as humble stewards of their organizations resources: human, financial, and physical” (Greenleaf 1970, p.45). A servant leader is always a servant first and always contributes to the well being of people and the community (Greenleaf 1970). I believe a servant leader is one of the best types of leaders because people come first. Their main focus is people. A servant leader must have a natural feeling of wanting to serve first (Greenleaf 1970). This includes putting the leaders personal feelings aside and concentrating on the feelings of the people served. Servant leaders will always gain followers because of their character and personality. A servant leader helps their followers to grow into successful and satisfied individuals (Neushel 2005). In the workplace we all want to grow and be more successful and satisfied that is why having a servant leader around is helpful. We remember servant leaders because they are rare and not every successful manager/leader will ever become a servant leader. Neushel compared servant leadership to biblical times. He stated a leader is the shepherd of the...

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