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The short story is about Marjorie, whom is a girl struggling with Agoraphobia, that inhibits her from being around other people in public and it causes her problems occasionally. Marjorie cares a lot about her fishes, and she has a big tank in her apartment on the nineteenth floor, with an overview over the city. The Social Service takes care about the yobs in the city, and Mick who is one of them, offers unsupervised solace to the old and lonely once. One day one a fish gets a disease, and she wants to transfers him over to a bucket filled with clean water, but in the moment she do that, Mick arrives at the door. Marjorie looks in the spyhole, and Mick looks like a fish, she opens the door and let him in. He offers help, but instead of helping, he demands her money for the sick fish, however Marjorie do not give him the money, so he takes the fish and threw it out of the window. Mick runs down to get the fish, and meanwhile Marjorie makes him a glass of Whiskey where she dissolve her pills for Agoraphobia. When he enters the room again she hands over the drink, and he drinks it, and fall into a deep sleep on the couch. Short after, Micks hand is not there, however in the mouth of the Piranha Russ. Marjorie puts back the Piranha without feeling no guilt.

Marjorie was taken to zoo forty years ago, and it would make her around fifty years now if she was 10 back then. Marjorie suffers from Agoraphobia that gives her difficulties being in some environments full of people. She lives surrounded by tanks full of fishes of all kinds. She finds the all types of fish peaceful because they are swimming behind the glass. Even sometimes, she sees them as if they were her children. She has that one fish she calls Russ, and she talks to him like if he was her real boyfriend. Marjorie is lonely, and do not have friends, so her fish are everything and they are the one who soothe her. Russ means the world to her, and he is the one. When Marjorie was little...
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