Serpentine Sackler Gallery Analysis

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Serpentine Sackler Gallery
Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Zaha Hadid, September 26, 2013.
The Serpentine Sackler Gallery is a structure that was also designed by Zaha Hadid. Part of the building used to be a gunpowder shop during the 1800’s, until Zaha Hadid restored it and added extensions to the building. The building is located in London, United Kingdom and its used to exhibit many artworks and artifacts. The building has an area of over 1,500 m2, with the whole site being 3,400 m2. During the Process of creating this work, Zaha Hadid wanted to complement the ideas of both modernism and postmodernism into her designs. She dedicates the left side of the gallery to her modernist style of architecture, and the right portion of the galley to the...

There are many patterns all across the pyramid that was made with glass. On the building there are many perpendicular lines which helped to create these dimensions. Ieoh Ming Pei wanted to put emphasis and preciousness on lines because those are the major factors that contributed in creating this work. He was inspired by the Ancient Egyptians and how they built large scales pyramids from big boulders and how they used carving tools to make sure that each boulder was exactly the same before beginning construction. Similar to the Egyptians Ieoh Ming Pei had to make sure that the structure he designed was very strong. He used algebra and trigonometry in order to create the correct dimensions of the pyramid before he began construction, in order to ensure the stableness and sustainability of the pyramid. The Louvre Pyramid was built in 1989, and its purpose was to be an entrance for the museum that stored thousands of artworks. The Museum is very transparent mainly because a large percentage of it is made from glass. The only colors that are present in this piece of art is the metal steel frame that supports the...
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