Sermon on the Mount

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The Sermon on the mount
Lesson 5 – Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Introduction:

We live in a world of human need. There are physical needs – sickness, cancer, and all other diseases bec of our lifestyle; emotional needs – divorces, abuses of spouse, extra marital affairs, absentee parents bec of ofw; spiritual needs – some people consider their jobs, money, houses, cars as their gods. We live in a world of sin. People hurt each other, neglect responsibilities, fight, argue, and do as they please. These sins create more needs – the need for cleansing, the need for comfort, the need for love, the need for forgiveness. In this beatitude, Jesus shows us how to find blessing in a needy and very hurting world

Why do we need to be merciful?

Because God is merciful towards us, we were sinners, lost, dead to sin, hopeless, wretched, condemned to die, doomed, but because of His love towards us, he has shown us mercy and forgives our sins, bec of that forgiveness of our sins, we become perfect in the eyes of God, instead of dead to sin, we have eternal life, we have now hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, that we can be with Him forever.

The Father wants us to be Christlike, since Christ is merciful, he has shown this in so many instances in the bible. He commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

What is mercy?

Mercy is more that a feeling of sympathy, the greek word has the force of action; to be merciful means to be moved by compassion. The merciful are those who respond to human needs.

Let us look at Mercy in the Parable of the Good Samaritan

Parables are stories told to make a point. They aren’t actual history, but capture true to life details in such a way that hearer identify with the elements of the story and can grasp of the spiritual lesson of the story.

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Last Message

What can we do to show mercy to our neighbors?

Giving good counsel and advice – sometimes...
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