Series and Parallel Dc Circuits

Topics: Series and parallel circuits, Electrical resistance, Resistor Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Lab 4 – Series and Parallel DC Circuits
Friday Lab 1:00
8th February, 2013

The purpose of this lab experiment is to test the predictions for current, voltage and resistance of the relationships of parallel and series circuits. The procedures strive to prove that the theoretical outcomes are consistent with the corresponding measured results. After setting up the closed circuits we want to test our own results into the equations and conclude if they are true. In the same circuit, there are specific equations that show how current, resistance and voltage behave. The equations or predictions differ in the type of circuit the components are connected or enclosed in. The two types of circuits we will look at in this lab are series and parallel circuits. Circuit components are in series when they are connected one after the other with only one path for current to flow. The following equations are true of a set of resistors in series. The current is the same in all of the resistors and the connections between them. I_in= I_12= I_23= I_out (1)

The voltage across the whole set is equal to the sum of Voltages across each individual resistor.
V_eq=V_1+V_2+V_3 (2)
The resistance of the connected set is equal to the sum of the resistance of each resistor. The equivalent resistance acts as one single resistor. R_eq=R_1+R_2+R_3 (3)

These are the three main equations we used in finding the current (I), voltage (v), and resistance (R) of our series circuit. Circuit components are said to be in parallel when they are connected between the same two points in the circuit. The following equations are true of a set of resistors in parallel. The current flowing into the connected set is equal to the sum of the currents flowing through each resistor and is also equal to the current flowing out of the connected set....
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