Serial Killers

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SERIAL KILLERS, young and old
October 14, 2013
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Serial killers have been around for a very long time, and they will continue to exist and walk among us on a day to day basis. To categorize an individual as a serial killer they must have one or more of the following attributes within their character. This includes killing numerous amounts of people in a short period of time, having a release of sexual urges from performing these killings or believing they are doing the work of God.

In researching about serial killers the topic of nature vs. nurture is the question of debate. It is still to be determined whether or not they are born with the urge already embedded in their minds, or this behavior is developed after sometime and if so what events occurred to trigger these actions.

The serial killers discussed are Jeffery Dahmer, Mary Bell and Albert Fish. Their lives were carefully assessed trying to reveal the root of the problem before any judgment was made. It was observed that they all had different aspects of their childhood that could have triggered such brutality. According to many psychologists, numerous serial killers have experienced traumatic incidents during their childhood that may have destroyed or damaged their need to care and trust others. Hence the argument of whether a person is born a killer or whether a person is influenced by external sources which lead to criminal acts. By definition, nature is the genetic code of an individual considering that biological connection between generations play a major role. Nurture on the other hand is believed to be the influence of society. Both definitions give the understanding that serial killers have the “motive” to kill and chose ways to their preference for how to kill. In modern time during the conviction period they will claim insanity before ever admitting they are guilty. This means a person who has been caught doing wrongful acts will always tend to blame the way they grew up or the way they were raised than to ever admit. By comparing each factors, psychologist were able to determine the root causes of the individual’s actions. Although this may be, psychologists have come across numerous cases where they were not able to identify source of actions due to the complexity of their behavior. By identifying the root causes, it was determined that serial killers tend to begin their killings due to drastic change or impact in their environment. As stated by Eric W. Hickey “ Cases of serial killing share commonalities and characteristics; anger, low self esteem, fantasy, facilitation, and objectification of the victims are all common denominators in understanding the etiological rules of serial murder” (Hichey, 2010). The lives of Jeffery Dahmer’s, Albert Fish’s and Mary Bell’s lives were carefully assessed; each suspicious activity that occurred within their life that could have led them to commit such heinous crimes. During psycho-analysis of this topic it can be seen that there are similarities when comparing different killers. Even though there are different reasons as to why they commit such gruesome acts; it can be correlated to some factors such as being a social pariah, ill-treatment as a child, or neglectful parents.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a social pariah due to the fact that he was a loner and didn’t have any friends. His external features changed due to his internal struggle. “He changed from a jubilant social child to a uncommunicative and withdrawn loner. Also at that time, the birth of his brother occurred” (A+E Networks, 2013). It is possible that Jeffrey felt neglected due to the fact that there was a new baby in the home, who required more attention that Jeffrey did. Also sometimes parents take it for granted that the older sibling needs less attention even if their actions should raise some concerns. Another example of the neglect that Jeffrey Dahmer face...

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