Serial Killers

Topics: Serial killer, Ted Bundy, Zodiac Killer Pages: 6 (2176 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Serial Killers have been around for many years. Some of the notorious serial killers have been around from the 1960-1990.These notorious serial killers have made history throughout the years. They have impacted so many people’s lives with the crimes they have committed all around the world. Throughout the years we remember these notorious serial killers, but we forget those entire victim. Some of the notorious serial killers are Green River Killer, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy and Zodiac Killer. A serial killer that we thought would never have been caught was Gary Leon Ridgeway, as known as the Green River Killer. Ridgeway was not that smart growing up but he managed to graduate high school. After high school he was sent to the Vietnam War. He returned to Utah, where he started to work painting trucks. Ridgeway kept that job for 30 years. He was married 3 times and had a son. Ridgeway started killing in 1982. His victims were young female prostitutes and runaways. His first two victim’s bodies were discovered at the edge of the green river. More bodies started floating up. Semen was found in the first four victims but since forensic technology wasn’t up to date, they couldn’t match it with anyone. More and more bodies started appearing and more and more women went missing. The Kings County Sheriff, Dave Reichert didn’t have any lead’s and didn’t know what to do. Serial Killer Ted Bundy gave them advice into catching Ridgeway. Ted Bundy stated that Ridgeway probably goes back to the dead bodies to have intercourse with them, like he did. He told them to stake out the place by leaving a dead body they had discovered and they will catch him. A couple of years late, Ridgeway were linked to two victims of the Green River Killer. In 2001 the DNA testing technology matched his DNA with the semen in the first four victims. Ridgeway was charged with four counts of aggressive murder. Ridgeway made a deal that if they take off the death penalty he will give up the bodies of some of the missing women. Ridgeway killed about 60 women. He didn’t remember the names of the victims but he remembers where he put their bodies. He killed more women than any serial killer in the US history.

Another notorious serial killer that targeted New York City was David Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam. Berkowitz was adopted when he was a few days old. His adoptive parents were very caring. They did everything to make him happy. He was very intelligent. He was close to his mother and took it very hard when she died. Berkowitz was only a teen. After her death he joined the army. After he left the army he returned to New York. He got an apartment in Yonkers and got a job as a post office. Berkowitz started killing on July 29th, 1976 when he shot two women, killing one and injuring the other.  Donna Lauria and Jody Valentzi were sitting in the car in front of Lauria’s Bronx apartment, when Berkowitz took out a gun and started shooting them. Three months later he shot a couple sitting in their car. Later that month Berkowitz shot two teenage girls as they were walking home. Two months later, January 1977 he shot another couple sitting in their car. The police finally realized that the shooting were connected and they was on the manhunt of a 44-caliber. Berkowitz struck again when he shot a college student as she was on her way home. New York became in panic when he shot another couple as they also say in their parked car. After his last shooting, witnesses saw the car that fled and notice it had a ticket on it. The police only gave out a few tickets that day. They arrested Berkowitz in August 1977. When Berkowitz was questioned, he claimed his neighbor, Sam Carr, was the devil that sent messages through his dog to kill people. Berkowitz was found guilty and is serving life in jail for the horrific murders.

Another notorious serial killer was Theodore Robert Bundy also known as Ted Bundy. Bundy was very intelligent. Bundy...
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