Serial Killer

Topics: Big East Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, National Collegiate Athletic Association Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Kerri Geiser
Shaun Reno
English 101
29 April 2013
Audience- College Sports Fans
When you think about college sports, you don't think about the athletes who work hard for their school and hard for themselves to achieve the goal of winning their games. But these athletes, in my opinion, work to hard to not get paid for what they do. I believe that college athletes should get paid because of the amount of work put into it, the fact their name and likenesses are used in video games, the time they take out of their lives for the sport and because they work twice as hard as a person who just works and gets paid.

College athletes work hard for the sport they play. They go to practices, games, scrimmages, and probably play in their free-time to improve themselves. The practices for most are pretty long and take a lot out of a person. An average game is anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, and that is a long time to be running around constantly with minimal breaks. Scrimmages are just extra games for the athletes to improve against other players.

There are many arguments over the topic of paying college athletes. Supporters of paying college athletes say that the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) makes billions of dollars from the athletes and that the players should be compensated (““Paying College Athletes””). Boyce Watkins, a finance professor at Syracuse University, argues, ““If what you do earns money, then you have the right to negotiate...for your share. When Tom Cruise makes a film, he gets paid quite well. He doesn't get the money because he's a nice guy, he gets paid because he is generating revenue for someone else. That's how capitalism works””(““PCA””). Ron Barce, a Boston College football player, says playing college sports is like a job. They get up early, work out, meetings, class and practice. They're giving up a big chunk of their life and sees no reason they shouldn't be paid (““PCA””). Critics of paying...

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