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Module 2 Week 7 Hand in Assignment SerDoc Medical Equipment Project Introduction The SerDoc project involves the manufacturing a new machine which was recently ordered by a hospital. The project would involve the following phases: Initiating: According to Wysocki (2012 p.459) “It is definitely a time for team building and creating a strong working relationship with the client”. In this phase we are outlining goals, scope purpose and deliverables to be manufactured.Requirements Gathering: A statement of requirements is created. This is a guide to the main requirements of the project which make available: specifications for the management purposes; statement of significant objectives; description of the environment in which the product will work; information on design constraints.Design: This phase is usually completed in two stages, preliminary and final design. Out of the design phase comes the written report, architectural & electrical drawings, cost and schedule.

1) Development and Testing: The plans/designs are converted into actual deliverables. The tangible product is developed and tested for any inadequacies. 2) Documentation: There are at least five reasons for documenting a project according to Wysocki (2012 p.315) they are 1) training resource 2) historical records for future projects 3) reference for future changes 4) input for performance evaluation by functional managers and others 5) input for future training and development. He further stated that documentation should include inter alia…final reports, design documents, client acceptance documents, and original and revised project schedules. 3) Deployment and Testing: This involves the installation/fitting of the final product and running test to ensure that it is fit for use. This also involves handing over the machine along with all documentations to the client.

Part 1

Project Plan for SerDoc Medical Equipment Project

The project duration is 119 days The end date of the project is...

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