Ser vs Estar

Topics: Cyrillic alphabet, Family, Continuous and progressive aspects Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Uses of Ser
General Ser Rule
Ser is used to classify and identify permanent or lasting attributes. If the general rule isn´t specific enough for you, think of the acronym DOCTOR, which stands for Description, Occupation, Characteristic, Time, Origin, and Relationship. 1. Description

For description, think of what you would say if someone asked you "What´s he like?" These are the essential qualities that define a person and probably won´t change. They can be a name or a physical description. •         Yo soy Raúl. (I am Raúl.)

•         Yo soy alta, morena, y delgada. (I am tall, dark-skinned, and thin.) •         Andrés es católico. (Andrés is Catholic.)  
2. Occupation
Occupations are seen as part of who you are. They describe one aspect of your identity. •         Soy profesora del español. (I am a Spanish teacher.) •         Éllos son estudiantes. (They are students.) •         Mi padre era jardinero. (My father was a gardener.) No Indefinite Articles

Notice that the indefinite articles un, una, unos, and unas are omitted when describing an occupation after the verb ser. 3. Characteristic
Characteristics are personality descriptions of a person. They also answer the question "What´s he like?" •         Amalia es inteligente, atrevida, y amable. (Amalia is intelligente, daring, and friendly.) •         Mi esposo es romántico y cariñoso. (My husband is romantic and caring.) 4. Time

Time includes days, dates, and hours. For hours, use es for one o´clock and son for all other hours. •         Hoy es miércoloes. (Today is Wednesday.) •         Ayer fue mi cumpleaños. (Yesterday was my birthday.) •         Ahora es la una y media. (Right now it´s one thirty.) •         Son las cinco y veintecinco. (It´s five twenty five.) 5. Origin

As the place a person is from or the material something is made from is not going to change we use ser for origin. •         Celia es de España. (Celia is from Spain.) •         Adela es peruana. (Adela is Peruvian.)...
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