Sequential Writing of Hearts and Hands

Topics: Left-handedness, Smile, Debut albums Pages: 1 (495 words) Published: June 7, 2013
"Young!" exclaimed the first speaker, "why--Oh! didn't you catch on? Say--did you ever know an officer to handcuff a prisoner to his right hand?" “ oh, you mean the young handsome man is the... criminal?” The second speaker faltered with his eyebrown rising and his eyes glancing at Fairchild, just to catch the sight of the glad look in the girl's eyes switchly changeing to a bewildered embarrassement and of the glow fading from her cheeks. The first speaker show no reaction to the second speaker’s doubt and kept silent with his sight of Fairchild’s rising. “ I do not believe your words.” Fairchild said to the first speaker and then went away to the smoker. But she come out soon and went straightly into next coach with her eyes looking around,suddently she stopped and said:“ Mr. Easton, I find you at last. I am thirsty, may you do me a flavor and go to have a coffee with me alone” “I am afraid not”Easton shrugged and gave her a pained look with his left hand pointing to the handcuffs. “I quiet understand, but I wonder whether you can treat yourself a nice coffee for your hardworking and left the prisoner handcuffing to the hand of your seat to keep them from getting away.”said the girl. “ Say, Mr. Marshal, you should not refuse such favor request from such a pretty girl, just go and leave me alone, I am tired and warn to sleep, I promise that I will be here until you come back. And as for Miss Fairchild, I do ask your fovor for the sake I help you persuade Mr. Marshal to go with you.” said the glum-faced man. Easton began to grope his pockets “ well, I am affaid I have lost the key. I am sorry and I am affaid I can’t go with you alone.” “ Say, Mr. Marshal, you do have a poor memory,the key is just in your right hand.” “Oh,I am forgetful.” claimed Eston and then unlocked the handcuffs and left with the girl. “ Mr Easton, I feel sorry to learn that you are in trouble now.” Miss Fairchild said. On hearing these words, Easton stopped and smiled to her, said:” I...
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