seperating techniques for benzoic acid

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Unit 4B
Task 2
Recrystallization of benzoic Acid

1. Erlenmeyer flask
2. Graduated cylinder
3. Hot plate
4. Small beaker
5. Ice bath (if necessary)
6. Filter paper
7. Buchner funnel
8. Spatula
9. Weighing machine
1. Weighing paper was used to weigh approximately 1.00g of ‘impure Benzoic acid to produce re crystallization’. 2. Moved it to a 125ml Erlenmeyer flask.
3. Poured approximately 20ml of distilled water by using a graduated cylinder to the flask. 4. The mixture went to the boiling point on a hot plate. Whilst it was heated the mixture was stirred and was boiled till the benzoic acid completely dissolved. 5. When the solution was taken off the hot plate it was examined to see any remaining particles of benzoic acid. If there were any remains of benzoic acid it would be put into ice bath. Hoverer, our experiment did not contain any remains. 6. Then 10-15 ml of water was added in the solution and a Erlenmeyer flask was put on top and an upside down beaker was also, placed on top. 7. The solution was left for10- 15 minutes to cool down which resulted in crystallization. 8. After the crystals were formed a vacuum filtration was set up. It was placed on filter paper inside the Buchner funnel. 9. The crystals were put on top of the filter paper.

10. The crystals were rinsed with 1-2 ml of water to remove any impurities in the crystals. 11. The crystal were left to dry for a week.
12. A spatula was used to remove all the crystals from the filter paper. 13. Once the crystals were removed they were weighed to find out the recovered benzoic acid. Results include units

Benzoic acid
Melting point

Weight before recrystallization

Weight after recrystallization

10.10 * 100 = 104.7
Techniques used to separate the benzoic acid
The techniques that were used to separate the benzoic acid were through extraction because we used a...

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