Separation Process

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Separation Process

1. Separation has to be initiated in the system through Ultimatix by your supervisor. You may track your workflow through the below navigation path:

Ultimatix – HR Management – TCS Employee Self Service – Track My Workflow – New Separation Process.

2. Please ensure that your separation process is approved at all levels in the system.

3. Please give your consent to the Resignation Acceptance Mail sent by the HR.

4. Please meet your respective HR for the 'Exit Interview'; Once this is complete your papers would be forwarded to the attrition Cell.

5. After your details are sent to the Attrition Cell (this needs to be confirmed with your HR), you need to visit the Attrition Cell twice. First visit should be at least three days prior to your last working day. You would be required to carry the copy of your previous 2 months pay slip during your first visit. The second visit would be on the last working day.

6. If you have any Valid Visa / Work Permit / Petition applied for, from TCS, inform the Travel Dept., HR & the Separation Cell immediately so that the same can be cancelled by the concerned Authorities. Kindly note, you need to submit your passport to the Travel Department and hence its advisable that you initiate your cancellation well in advance so that you can have your passport back with you by the time your last working day approaches. If the cancellation takes time then the Travel Dept. will keep you informed on this and you need to collect the passport accordingly as the cancellation is done.

7. The Attrition Cell will initiate the clearances for Library, IDM & Admin Team one day prior to your Last Working Day. You need to ensure that you follow up with the respective departments to get it cleared with no dues.

8. After the clearances (with no dues) you would be given your first release letter on your last working day. Your experience letter would be sent across to you by post after...
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