Separation of Powers in the American Democracy

Topics: Separation of powers, Judiciary, Executive Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: September 21, 2009
Analyze the Concept of Separation of Powers in the American Democracy “Indicate why the framers believed it was important to create a (Separation of Powers)”

I believe I’ll founding fathers wanted to find a stable, conclusive, decisive and separate But not equal way to deal with crisis amongst the government and we the people. In which also included granting a great deal of power to various parties. This conclusion Today is known as the Constitution. Obviously the wisdom of our founding fathers Enable them to realize the importance of this pertinent information. Yet also understanding nothing is perfect. Because of that belief, Andrew Vinstra stated in An article dated July 18, 2007 “the constitution was written with enough vagueness in the language to make further expansion of the basic rights to the people one of the very foundations of the document. After creating such a document, Tom Alto stated in an article January 8, 2008 “the various parties combined many different principles in order to form a government that Would best serve the people and their needs? This included several important principles Such as the separation of powers, checks and balances, judicial, review and federalism. Each of these principles played a very important role thereby helping the Constitution become an effective guideline for the U.S. government and helps the government rule fairly and justly. The Constitution, Werner Haas stated in an article November 2, 2006 “offers what is often called a “balance of power” where the three branches of government – Executive, Legislative and judicial are supposed to be equal; the fact is that a powerful congress Can rule the Presidency while a powerful President, with the aid of his party’s leader in congress, can hold sway over the other branches of government. In conclusion Separation of Powers in the American democracy was used to divide the government into three branches: Executive Branch, legislative Branch and Judicial Branch. Each...
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