Separation of Powers and Executive Branch

Topics: Separation of powers, Westminster system, Parliament Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: October 5, 2014
Seven Questions will be selected from the following list of Questions for test iii…Politics of Quebec and Canada.

Chapter 8.
1.Compare, critically, the organization of Government in Canada and the United States. The parliamentary system is constructed of the crown, executive and legislative branch. The constitution monarchy is that the the Crown which is the Queen is represented by the GG. The executive branch are the PM and the Cabinet, in the Parliamentary system, they are elected members of the parliament. The legislative branch is parliament includes the opposition. This shows that the government is very complex. In the parliamentary system we have separation of powers meaning each branch is separate. The US system is not as different as the Canadian system because check and balance. Example, president appoint judges. currently, congress refuse to confirm. 100 judges not confirm. 2.Should the office of the Crown be abolished?

3.Briefly describe the following: (i) Examples of Political statements of the Crown: The Crown is not political but neutral. Miss Clarkson , Crown in 1999 to 2005. In 2001, she sent a message congratulating two gay couple who married I Toronto. The GG Jean went to territories and ate raw seal liver and it was controversial. (ii) Parliamentary conventions: In Section 13 confirms that the GG should be informed of the government’s agenda. ******** 4.Describe the functions of the Executive branch of Government. The Prime Minister is the head and most powerful. He is supported by the Cabinet also called the Privy Council. The Cabinet is made up of about 20 to 40 ministers. Ex: Harper has 39. In one sentence define the following: (i) Section 54: all laws in regards to revenues must originate from the House of Commons. (ii) Section 11: states that there shall be a council. This is not a convention. The Council shall advise the Crown. (iii) PMO: us the most powerful. This is not mention in the Constitution. This is unwritten and a...
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