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Marque McduffyAugust 30, 2012
Mr. Mancini

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The favorite thing to eat is pizza at night. That’s my favorite thing to eat because at night I’m always hungry and be having taste for some pizza. Therefore, pizza can fill you up and it can’t. It can fill you up because you can eat about how many you want. It can’t fill you up because if you eat one slice of pizza and everybody else in your house hole or more have to get a slice of pizza. That one slice of pizza isn’t going to fill you up. That’s why pizza is the best thing to eat at night.

August 31, 2012
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My Favorite NFL football team is the Dallas Cowboys. They are my favorite football team because they have a second most football rings in the NFL. Also, they are my favorite team because their team is very exciting when they play against good teams. The Dallas Cowboys always make it to the playoffs every year. That’s why they are my favorite NFL football team.

September 1, 2012

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My favorite NBA basketball team is the LA Lakers. They are my favorite team because they win a lot of games in the season. Also, they have a key player that takes over the team and becomes a leader. His name is Kobe Bryant. He is their main player for them. They are very exciting to watch. That’s why the LA Lakers are my favorite basketball team. September 2, 2012

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My favorite phone is the IPhone 5. The iPhone 5 just came out this year. It is so tuff. You can slide the keyboard off the phone on the object or the table. You can do more stuff on an iPhone 5 than an iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 is really skinny and it’s bigger than the iPhone 4. That’s why it’s my favorite phone this year.

September 3, 2012

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Sodas aren’t good for you. Water is very good for you. Most people don’t like water because it doesn’t have any flavor. Sodas have all kinds of flavor. So that’s why sodas are so popular in the US. Water helps you when you are...
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