SEO White hat Techniques

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Performance appraisal Pages: 7 (1810 words) Published: March 17, 2014

“To determine factors which help websites land on first page of search engine” RESEARCH PROJECT (MBA)

Background / Preamble:
SEO is the practice of making it easier for site owners and their audience to find each other, to meet the objectives of the site owner and the informational and situational needs of that audience. This means in part helping site owners find the right language to use that audience members will search for, and overcoming technical obstacles that might keep search engines from crawling and indexing the great content developed for that audience (Slawsky & Grithchlow, 2012). Since the emergence of search engines after World Wide Web was born, the literature has been written on how a website can get the position on the first page of a search engine. Reason of this is to get the attention of target audience on the first place and to reach the ones who are actually looking for something that the website offers. There are so many factors which help the websites to get there and the research will include our study about the ways to reach the first page of the search engine. Our study will also include the past and obsolete methods for search engine optimization, currently prevailed methods and we’ll also shed light on the future of SEO which will not only cater the syntax of search engine keywords but will cater in the spectrum of semantics too. Our study will be conducted to measure technological factors as well as human actions too when it comes to searching on a search engine. Problem statement:

Performance appraisal is a process in which a supervisor evaluates and provides judgment about employee work performance and has been widely used in mostly American organizations. According to a statistics 90% of large organization use performance appraisal system and over 75% are publicly owned organization (Locker & Teel, 1988; Murphy & Cleveland, 1991; Seldon, Ingraham & Jacobson, 2001). The wide used of performance appraisal process is a clear indication that it is not only effective for employee performance evaluation but also for their performance improvement (Longenecker & Goff, 1992). The assumption seems to be fair that a well-documented, executed and well administered appraisal system is beneficial for over all organization (Cascio, 1987; Coens & Jenkins, 2000). Despite of its numerous benefits performance appraisal process has gone under severe criticism and questions over its feasibility and utility in organizations for evaluating the employee performance (Murphy & Cleveland, 1991). Many researchers and HR practitioners have made improvement to enhance its ratings validity to reduce the criticism on its effectiveness (Banks & Murphy, 1985). Thus, our problem, statement of the study is:

“To study the impact and role of fairness in performance management system on employee’s satisfaction, motivation and acceptance” Primary Goal:
The main purpose of our research is to quantify the perceptions and reactions of employees toward the satisfaction and motivation by using the Greenberg’s Hypothetical four factor model for organizational justice as a main theoretical framework. This has been understood by using the interactional and procedural justice. This study attempts to improve the performance appraisal system by using the GEO TV employees as the source of primary information. The results of our study will be able to generalize across most of the Pakistani organizations. An instrument comprising of multi items scale has been adopted from the Greenberg Four factor model of organizational justice to measure the employee’s perceptions of fairness regarding the performance appraisal process used in the organization to evaluate the employee’s performance....
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