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Topics: CAPTCHA, URL redirection, HTTP 404 Pages: 9 (3734 words) Published: August 25, 2013
General Changes
Keyword Engine The keywords phrases for Header and Source are now extended to four categories: Success Keys, Failure Keys, Ban Keys and Retry Keys. The keywords checker engine looks out first for header

keys and then for source keys (the source keys are checked only if the request method is different from HEAD of course). It searches in order for Success, Ban, Failure and finally Retry keys. If a

success key is found, the combo is marked as hit. If a ban key is found, the current proxy is banned and the combo is tested with another proxy. If a failure key is found, the combo is marked as bad. If a retry key is found, the combo is retested with another proxy. If no keys are found, the AfterFingerPrinting Engine is activated. Moreover the global keys category has been changed to Retry Keys (a default list is included). Finally you can access advanced key matcher features by right clicking on a key phrases box and selecting 'Add (Advanced)' from the popup menu. The Keyword Wizard will be launched: from here you can configure special matching functions. History Checker Engine Now the History Checker engine uses the main bruteforcer engine to check history hits, i.e. for a given site in the history it uses the settings loaded from the site snapshot, so you don't have to configure anything in the history options, since all the checker settings will be acquired from a saved snapshot, unless you don't have a snapshot for the this case you have to create one by starting a bruteforcer session with the right settings for the site you have to create a snapshot for. The History list has 6 columns. The new columns are:

- Captured keys: this column shows the keywords captured on the answer page for each Hit. This column is refreshed each time you check a combo with the History checker. - Received Cookie: this column shows the Cookie received by the target Site for each Hit. If the target Site is a hosting site and the combo is the login/password of a premium account, the received Cookie is a premium account. You can copy the Cookie by right clicking on the relative combo and selecting the new option "Copy selected received Cookies to the clipboard". This column is refreshed each time you check a combo with the History checker. Moreover if you right click on a given site, you have a new option: "View Source Answer in Browser". By selecting this option, Sentry will load in your default browser the HTML source answer the selected site gave when the combo was marked as a hit by the bruteforcer engine or by the History Checker if the combo has been verified. A combo in the history list will be first checked with the proxy that found the hit and, if the proxy fails, another proxy will be selected from your proxy list, until the engine terminates the test for the

given combo or the number of failed attempts becomes greater than the configurable value "Maximum Failed Attempts" you entered in the "History Option" frame (default value is 10). In the "History Option" frame two new variables have been added to the Save Filter: and . Upon saving to a file a Hit in the History list, will be replaced with the Captured Keys string of the combo and with the received Cookie of the combo. Finally you have the option to disable the use of proxies, i.e. a hit will be checked with direct

connection. Proxies Analyzer Engine Now the Proxies Analyzer Engine is a full 3 stages engine: Check Proxy with ProxyJudge -> [Check HTTP] -> [Check HTTPS] The stages between [] are optional. A proxy is marked bad or timeout based on the result of the first stage. A bad proxy should be deleted from the list, since it gives bad codes (3xx, 401, 403, 407) or, with a 200 code, does not transmit the judge HTML source requested. You can configure the max number of retries of a proxy before it is marked as timeout under the options form. The retries refer to the first stage attempts. Finally new options have been added to the analyzer....
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