Sentencing: Prison and Considerable Discretion

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Sentencing is directly tied to punishment and we see that the state and federal government agree on five objectives that a punishment is intended to bring in an offender. The five objectives are incapacitation, deterrence, restitution, retribution, rehabilitation, depending on the discretion of the judge and the circumstances surround how the crime was committed the sentence will be amid at accomplishing one of these. Here is how the five objectives work: 1. Incapacitation: is designed to remove the offender from society thus removing the opportunity to commit crimes or harm, or execution of the offender for extremely gross and horrific crimes. 2. Deterrence: as other individuals are punished and sentenced to fines and incarceration for crimes, others will be deterred from committing those crimes or similar ones. 3. Restitution: This focuses on the fact that an offender has wronged the victim and must pay for his action either in some sort of incarceration sentence or service to the community. In civil case this means the violator will pay a court decided amount to the victim. 4. Retribution: This is the way of the old world and best displayed in the Hammurabi's Code. This is an eye for an eye; an offender should be punished for what he did whether that is with his life or with hard labor. 5. Rehabilitation: This is most common in our prisons today, attempting to treat the offender by either giving them skills to be productive citizens or treating an emotional aliment. The goal for this is to treat and release a productive citizen back to society.

Affects of Sentencing on Corrections
Sentencing directly affects the entire correctional system regardless if it state or federal, this is due to the fact that sentences given to guilty offenders are served in correctional institutions or under the supervision of correctional agencies. If sentencing is lenient then you will see that correction system will have...
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