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Sentencing Paper
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Punishment may sound like painful word, but in fact it is nothing more but a consequence given to a criminal offender. The state and federal correction system have similar objectives for criminal offenders as a form of punishment. Due to request for harsher punishment, sentencing affects both the state and federal correction system. Upon pleading or finding an offender guilty, the determinate and indeterminate sentencing model is implied in which the federal and state correctional system assigns to criminals for time given in prison.

Depending on the crime, punishment for both state and federal prison system can be different time sentences and programs. The state corrections system main objective of punishment is to supervise criminal offenders during their sentence period. By keeping close supervision, the inmates are not out in the streets causing harm; this allows protection to the public from offenders. In addition to the punishment of residing in a State facility, the inmates are offered classes to help in the rehabilitation process. The Federal correction system focuses on maintaining secure safe and humane correctional institutions for individuals in custody. Like the State correction system, the Federal correction system allows programs for inmates for rehabilitation purposes, keeping inmates busy during their transition before being released. In addition both State and Federal corrections attempt to get their points across for punishment by deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. (Seiter, R.P 2011).

It can be said that society and the public is exhausted of the rate of crimes, and are afraid of what can happen in the future. For this reason, they have faith in the elected officials to suppress and demand higher consequences for those committing crimes. The same elected officials are trusting that Police,...

References: Seiter, R.P (2011). Corrections: An Introduction, Third Edition, Pearson Education, Inc.
Law Office of Daniel Jensen Law Retrieved from
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