Sentence Completion Tests

Topics: Psychology, Family, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Herman Von Ebbinghaus is generally credited with developing the first sentence completion test in 1897 .Sentence completion tests are a class of semi-structured projective techniques. A sentence completion test form may be relatively short, such as those used to assess responses to advertisements, or much longer, such as those used to assess personality. A long sentence completion test is the Forer Sentence Completion Test, which has 100 stems. The responses are believed to provide indications of attitudes, beliefs, motivations, or other mental states. There is debate over whether or not sentence completion tests elicit responses from conscious thought rather than unconscious states. This debate would affect whether sentence completion tests can be strictly categorized as projective tests. In recent decades, sentence completion tests have increased in usage, in part because they are easy to develop and easy to administer. Another reason for the increased usage of sentence completion tests are because they uncover conflicted attitudes. The uses of sentence completion tests include personality analysis, clinical applications, attitude assessment, achievement motivation, and measurement of other constructs. They are used in several disciplines, including psychology, management, education, and marketing. Sentence completion measures have also been incorporated into non-projective applications, such as intelligence tests, language comprehension, and language and cognitive development tests

Sacks sentence completion test is a semi structured test consisting of 60 incomplete phrases/sentences, ex. ‘my mother’ or when I see the boss coming, I ‘ The test typically provide respondents with beginnings of sentences, referred to as “stems,” and respondents then complete the sentences in ways that are meaningful to them. As a semi -structured test , it is expected to provide valuable information...
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