Sentence Completion

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Ego Development

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Instructions: Complete the following sentences in a single session.

1. When a child will not join in group activities she/he may prefer solitary activities.

2. Raising a family is not very hard if you are financially stable.

3. When I am criticized I feel like crying.

4. A man’s job is of great value to him and his family too.

5. Being with other people makes me feel acceptable

6. The thing I like about myself is that I am not lazy

7. My mother and I share the same novels

8. What gets me into trouble is hanging around with lazy people

9. Education is the key to success and a brighter future

10. When people are helpless they need support from others so that they can overcome difficulties.

11. Women are lucky in the sense that they if their husbands are rich, they are rich too.

12. A good father is responsible for his family

13. A girl has a right to education and employment

14. When they talked about sex, I do not get embarrassed

15. A wife should be loyal to her husband

16. I feel sorry for desperate street children

17. A man feels good when he owns a car, successful business and a faithful wife

18. Rules are the key to good behaviours

19. Crime and delinquency could be halted if we are all financially stable

20. Men are lucky because they have strong muscles

21. I just can’t stand people who cheat in their final exams

22. At times he worried about how the lecturer would rate his work

23. I am not good in basketball

24. A woman feels good when she is with her kids

25. My main problem is that I am not always on time.

26. A husband has a right to lead a family though the woman can do it as well

27. The worst thing about being a man is that they are paid less than women for the same job

28. A good mother is hard working and takes good care of her children.

29. When I am with a woman I feel embarrassed about myself

30. Sometimes he wished that he was as bright as his classmates were

31. My father is a man of great dignity

32. If I can’t get what I want I work harder to have it.

33. Usually he felt that sex was the reasons as to why he was HIV positive

34. For a woman a career is the reason as to why she is financially stable.

35. My conscience bothers me if I did the wrong thing

36. A man should always stand up for his family with all the due respect

The questions are easy to answer and does no make the person responding to them feel self conscious. There is a wide variety of themes, from control (low) to identity (very high) and a predominant concern for relationships. Most of the responses are simple and direct, however the richness of the protocol and presence of several high level themes, like development, mutuality and identity suggests a higher ego. Most of the answers are popular and the sentences are erudite, bright, and well constructed, but there no unusual ideas. The answers display a preoccupation with goals and have a long-term view of life and so the unitive rating should not be less than Conscientious Stage (1-4). Also he views things in a larger social context as in items 4 and 22, and challenges stereotypical attitudes as in items 21 and 27. The writer is impulsive as in items 3 and 25. His actions are driven by impulses and his emotions range intently. According to Loevinger and Wessler (1996) He is diligent due to the fact that in items 19 and 22. Rule of the law is not unlimited, from the answers, exceptions and unforeseen concurrencies are recognized. Self-evaluated standards, reflective; empathetic, true conceptual complexity, long term thinking, broader perspective, principled ethics, rich inner life of feelings, mutuality in relationships; self critical, values...
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