Sensorial - Cylinder Blocks

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Cylinder Blocks

Material: Four blocks containing ten cylinders with knobs; each fitting into its respective hole. Block 1: Ten cylinders varying in diameter only
Block 2: Ten cylinders varying in height and diameter from tall and wide to short and narrow Block 3: Ten cylinders varying in height and diameter from tall and narrow to short and wide Block 4: Ten cylinders varying in height only

Aims: To refine the child’s visual perception of dimension To refine the child’s co-ordination of movement
To provide controlled experiences of seriating
To encourage basic mathematical vocabulary
Indirect preparation for reading and writing

Control of error: One to one correspondence.

Vocabulary: To be given in a three period lesson: Thick and thin, with comparatives and superlatives. Big and small, with comparatives and superlatives. Wide and narrow, with comparatives and superlatives. Tall and short, with comparatives and superlatives.

Stage: This is an early sensorial activity. Children are interested in individual cylinder blocks around the age of two/two and a half.

Introduction: This is an Individual presentation. Invite the child to come by telling him that you have something to show him. Ask him to accompany you to the shelf. Introduce the activity at the shelf, name it and ask the child to take it to the table. Show him how to carry one of the cylinder blocks by gripping the block on both sides with both hands and carry it at waist level parallel to the ground and then let him carry it to the table or mat.

▪ Seat yourself next to the child, positioning the cylinder block between you and the child. Ensure that s/ he can see all the steps that you do precisely.

▪ Tell him/her that you’re going to show him how to take the cylinder out of the cylinder block.

▪ Beginning from the left side, grasp the cylinder knob with your index, middle and thumb of your dominant hand.

▪ Firmly holding the knob...
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