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Sensorial Notes 6-25
“Helen Keller”, says Dr. Montessori in her handbook, “is a marvelous example of the phenomenon common to all human beings; the possibility of the liberation of the imprisoned spirit of man by the education of the senses.” It is this phenomenon which Dr. Montessori considered to be the basic of her method of education. Sensorial:

* Trains and refines the senses
* Comparison, gradation, classification
* Child absorbs the properties of the physical objects in the environment * Encourage observation and enhance awareness of different in dimension Areas to dealing with
* Visual (sight)
* Tactile (touch)
* Auditory (hear)
* Olfactory (smell)
* Gustatory (taste)

* GOAL is the process not the product
* Child comes to us with a myriad of impressions: Accidental and essential impression mixed together causing a confused by significant wealth in this subconscious mind * The child develops intelligence by organizing sense perception into an inner mental order * Thru repetitive exercises, the child to trust and understand the physical universe

* Child comes to us:
As self-absorbed and egocentric
* Disorderly
* Unable to sequence information
With specific needs
* Order
* Independence
* Sensory stimulation
* Coordination
* Concentration
* Repetition
* A creation of order and clarity from perceived discriminations of size, color, tactile impressions, shape, smell, tasted and sounds. Organize thoughts and perception in a systematic way, allowing further development of more formal and structured learning. * Educating a child’s senses and training of the mind is important because it enables the child’s ability to discriminate and appreciate all the experiences thru out his life. The Materials

* Partly drawn from Itaard and Seguin’s materials developed for retarded and mentally deficient children * All aspects of the materials- color, shape, size, etc....
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