Sense of Self

Topics: Bread, Pizza Hut, Pizza Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Sense of Self
Working at Little Caesars for more than a year now I always sort of thought of myself as a fast food worker. Not your average fast food worker but fast food none the less thanks to our Hot n Ready pizza specials. After getting use to a daily routine of school, work, homework, repeat I never really stopped and looked at my life or who I really was outside of what I already considered myself as until one day the owners came in to just observe us and make sure everything was running smoothly.

It was a typical Thursday; Sarah was unloading this week’s shipment of fresh pizza toppings, dough mix, pop, etc… I was running back and forth between the counter and make line, while my boss stood around talking to the owners and helping out on ovens once and a while. I was of course about ready to throw something at my boss as he just stood around acting like people weren’t pouring in for our usual three o’clock rush. As I ran back and forth trying to get pizzas in the oven and handle counter at the same time I thought to myself I will never ever get back into the fast food business as soon as I get out of this place and it made me feel a little better knowing that eventually I wouldn’t have to deal with this forever.

After the rush ended about the same time sports practices were starting up I got on make line and started saucing and cheesing pizzas to put on the rack to get built back up. One of the owners came over and started topping pizzas with me, I was incredibly nervous because at the time I was pretty sure they both hated me plus the fact that they sign my paychecks. Neither of us really said anything as we topped pizzas, I just focused hard on not messing up as he observed.

After that horrendous ordeal was over we were about out of sheet outs so I had to go prep out some more in the back, which I don’t really mind because it’s closer to the radio. After about a good ten minutes or so of doing that Andy came over again and started helping me!...
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