sense of humor essay

Topics: Theories of humor, Humour, Humor Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Sense of Humor
What do you know about sense of humor? Did you know that it helps you control human health and emotions? “Sense of humor is a way to produce and experience pleasure by provoking or being provoked to laugh. It is also a trait of appreciating the humorous, you can’t live without humor it is inexplicable” (McMahon). “Most people have it and are able to laugh at jokes or funny situations that people make. This is developed at a very early age, and it is considered vital part of human development” (McMahon). First of all, what is sense of humor? Where does it appear? Sense of humor is a way to produce good emotions like pleasure; these are provoked by crazy or funny acts, jokes, and the ability to be amused. Sense of Humor appears to be very important in human survival. When you laugh you lose tension or relax your mind. This for example can make people in bad situations take good decisions. “Physiological studies say that by having sense of humor you will make you a happier person, and in almost all cases, you will have a healthier life. There are very few people that don’t have sense of humor. For me this is inexplicable and irrational. People lack senses of humor, often have autism”(Nichol). “They have the ability to develop their disabilities or sometimes lack one. This is very weird because sense of humor plays a very vital role in the world”( 10 Different Types Of Humor). There are people that have sense of humor, but do not understand the funny part of a joke for example. If we compare cultures, sense of humor is very different. For example in the Ancient Greece, sense of humor started with Plato, which contributes Socrates by making the Philebus. “They say that ridiculous was ignorance from the weak people. So the weak cant revenge when ridiculous things happened to them. Later Aristotle suggested that humor is not fundamental by being considered weak or strong.” (McMahon). “ In India, sense of humor was defined as one of the nine “nava...
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