Sense Lab

Topics: Scientific method, Theory, Science Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: February 13, 2012
Lab #2 Sense Lab


In this lab, I experimented on which of my senses are the strongest. The senses that I used in this experiment were sight, touch, and sound. To test this out, I needed two people, one person to drop a ruler, and another person to catch the ruler. The person who is dropping the ruler holds the top of the ruler vertical at the 30 cm end. The student who is catching the ruler puts the top of their index finger at the 0 cm mark and tries to catch the ruler.

For sight, the person dropping the ruler, drops it without any clues. The catcher tries to grab it once it dropped. For touch, the person who catches puts their finger on the 0 cm mark and closes their eyes. Then, the person who drops the ruler taps the catcher on the arm and drop the ruler at the same time. For sound, the catcher puts their finger on the 0 cm mark closes their eyes. Then, the dropper, drops the ruler and says “now” and drops the ruler at the same time. The catcher then tries the catch the ruler. The sense that was the strongest was sound, while touch was the weakest.


The Scientific Method is a process that scientists use for experiments. Scientists often use the scientific method in order to find different cause and effect relationships. There are several parts to the scientific method. These parts are; ask a question, do background research, create a hypothesis, test your hypothesis, analyze your results, and report your results.

The first part of the scientific method is to ask a question. This first step consists of asking questions about what you observe in your experiment. The questions that are usually asked are: who, what, when, where, why, and how. After you ask a question, you gather research about your experiment. In this part you can go to the library or the Internet to find out information about your experiment to make sure that mistakes are kept at a minimum.

The third part of the scientific...
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