Sense And Sensibility

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Antonio José García Gil
''Sense and Sensibility''
Jane Austen ( 1775-1817)
When Mr. Henry Dashwood dies, leaving all his money to the son of his first wife of John Dashwood, his second wife and three daughters are left without permanent home and very little income. Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters (Elinor, Marianne and Margaret) are invited to stay with their distant relatives, Middleton, at Barton Park. Elinor is sad to leave his home in Norland because she has become closely linked to Edward Ferrars, the brother-in-law of his half brother John. However, once in Barton Park, Elinor and Marianne discovers many new friends, including retired officer and bachelor Colonel Brandon, and the gallant and impetuous John Willoughby, who rescues Marianne after she twisted her ankle running for the hills Barton in the rain. Willoughby Marianne courts openly and brazenly, and together the two flaunt their attachment to another until suddenly announced that Willoughby was leaving for London on business, leaving Marianne lovesick and miserable. Meanwhile, Anne and Lucy Steele, two recently discovered relationships Lady Middleton's mother, Mrs. Jennings, come to Barton Park as guests of the Middleton. Lucy ingratiated herself to Elinor and informs her that she (Lucy) has been secretly hired Mr. Ferrars for a year. Elinor initially assumed that Lucy refers to Edward's younger brother, Robert, but was surprised and hurt to know that Lucy actually refers to her beloved Edward. In Volume II of the novel, Elinor and Marianne travel to London with Mrs. Jennings. Colonel Brandon tells Elinor that everyone in London is talking about a compromise between Willoughby and Marianne, though Marianne has not told his family of any attachment. Marianne is anxious to join his beloved Willoughby, but when she sees him at a party in the city, he rejects her cruelly and then sends you a letter denying that he ever had feelings for her. Colonel Brandon tells Elinor of Willoughby history of...
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