Senior Year

Topics: High school, College, Secondary school Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Importance of Senior Year
Senior year is the highlight of everyone’s high school career. People look forward to it as soon as they begin high school as a freshman. People get their last year to be close with their friends and enjoy the final year of their high school career. No one has the right to take away someone’s senior year for any reason. Politics argue that senior year is a blow off, seniors fear going to college, none of the classes matter, and none of this would effect junior year. There are no benefits from graduating high school after three years. Students should go to high school for four years because senior year can sometimes be the hardest, certain colleges still look at senior year transcripts, and junior year would simply just replace senior year and everybody would still do the same things a year earlier.

Senior year is not always a student’s easiest year. Sometimes, students sign up for advanced placement classes because they finally think that they can understand and succeed in these tougher classes. Kids want to prepare themselves for college so they make their senior year a little harder so that college courses will be a little easier to adapt to. Walter Kirn argues that senior year is not necessary by saying, “It’s a spree, senior year, that discharges built-up tensions.” For many students who plan on attending college, senior year is nowhere near a spree. Students do not just explore random and easy classes because they think they can pass without even trying. They sign themselves up for important classes that will challenge them and keep them busy during senior year so they do not lose a step for college. For many, senior year may be the hardest year of someone’s high school career. Students are smarter than ever before and they still want to learn more before beginning college. They do not expect the year to be easy even though that is the general senses. Many kids choose classes that make senior year their toughest...
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