Senior Picture Day

Topics: Squeeze, Writing, Talk radio Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Date: 4/4/2013
Grace .

“Senior Picture Day” is a short story by Michele Serros. It’s her own narrative story explaining how she got a habit of squeezing her nose sides firmly to nostrils to base every morning and some time when she is brushing her teeth and waiting for her tortilla to heat. It is because she wants her nose to become smaller, narrower and look less Indian; like her friend Terri’s nose. Even though nobody knows the difference after her effort, she feels it actually worked by comparing her class pictures. She is talking graduation picture today and she feels it would be her best picture in the year-book. She leads us to her memory for 4 years ago when she met her friend Terri. Terri was a friend who had a CB at her home. Writer and Terri talked with random boys through CB. The girls met a boy handle (nick named) “Lightning Bolt”. The girls flirted with Lightning Bolt but not enough because of Terri’s dad’s early arrival. The girls meet next time again to meet Lightning Bolt and the writer hears Terri talking back while the writer is out for food. Lightning Bolt showed interest in the writer rather than Terri. Terri wanted to turn that interest to her and chose to talk back of the writer. Terri told Lightning Bolt that the writer was skinny and has flat chest and Indian nose. Terri made more description about writer’s nose and laughed about it with Lightning Bolt. As soon as the writer hears everything behind, she quickly walks away and never meets Terri again. However, the writer couldn’t walk away from what Terri commented about writer’s nose. Writer realized that she had a broad nose base and that looked less feminine just like her male family. After that moment, Writer squeezed her nose to make it small and narrow. She feels quite satisfied after the squeezing for 4 years. As she hears a honk from her ride, the past story ends and she squeezes her nose again for she needs to take a senior graduation picture and feels satisfied with...
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