Senior Memory Book Chapter 1

Topics: Coffee, Morality, New Hampshire Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Senior Memory Book: Chapter 1
What started off as a normal day in the small Lakes Region town of Gilford New Hampshire quickly turned into a test of my ability to make the right choices and into a test of my moral rightfulness as well a judgment of my good character: It was a humid mid-August day in the Granite State; I was 14 years-old and was spending the weekend at my aunt and uncles house in Gilford. The day started like any other; my aunt and uncles morning shuffling woke me around eight o’clock and I went down stairs to find my cousin, Tyler, sitting at the breakfast with the ever-present Dunkin Donuts box open in front of him. I sat down and took my usual strawberry frosted donut. Upon taking a bite of that strawberry goodness, I asked Tyler “what are we goanna do today”. He replied in a very hushed tone, “You will see”. In that instant I knew he was planning something and that whatever it was it probably wasn’t anything good. My uncle left for work almost immediately after devouring two jelly sticks and downing a large iced coffee giving my cousin his usual, “listen to your mother” at which point Tyler replied with his usual, “yeah I know”. Around noon my aunt made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us and then left for work. The second the door slammed shut my cousin rushed to the window and watched as my aunt pulled out of the drive way, watching the car until it disappeared over the first hill. Once the car had gone to the extent of his view he climbed onto the counter and pulled down a bottle of whiskey and two shot glasses. He then proceeded to fill both glasses to the rim. He pushed one of the shots in my direction asking, "do you want one”. Before he had even pulled the bottle from the cabinet I knew my answer would be no and would remain no for at least the next seven years. I knew that if I said yes and my aunt or uncle had found out then would have been really upset and I would most likely have been sent home. I also knew that not only was...
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