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Earlier in the school year we created a plan for our future. We have since further explored techniques for specifically developing the plan for our future. In this lesson we will address specific topics regarding certain aspects of our plan and use presentation software to illustrate what our plans include. Using the internet, access the following website:

Use the search engine to find a college or university you would be interested in attending. Go to the college/university website you have selected and answer the following questions about your selection: * What is the name of the college/university you have selected? Lamar Institute of Technology.

* In what city and state is the college/university located? Beaumont Texas
* What is the exact name of the dorm or apartment you will live in? There is no dorms there.
* What is the student population at your selected college/university? 3,684

Find information pertaining to the profession you have selected by access the following website:
Click on the ‘Databases & Tools’ tab. Select the ‘Employment’ icon. Explore this section to find statistical information regarding your future profession. * What do plan to do professionally after you graduate from college? Become a Ultrasound Tech

* What is the name of a company that you could work for after you graduate college? Hospitals or Doctors Office.
* What is the salary for professionals graduating with your degree? It just depends it ranges from 63,000 to 1000,000

Develop a presentation illustrating plans for your future beginning with high school graduation. Specifically address the following subtopics in your presentation: * High School Graduation

* College life (include the name of your college and activities you will participate in while attending school there). * Where you will work after college graduate. (Include information about your income and...
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