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On Liberal and Vocational Studies

Accorded to the Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary Liberal means one who is open-minded. In the days of Seneca liberal studies was the study suitable for free people. Seneca believe that with the good merit value an education including literature, music and geometry gives they make liberal studies seems to be a false teaching. He explains that liberal studies are raw material to a virtuous life and they are very necessary to function in a fee society. In his letter he states that liberal Studies are the one worth studying especially wisdom because it’s what truly set a man free. He complains that the studies done to get a job and money is not worthy of ones time because the only time that person truly study is when their mental ability fails. So what he really mean is that they only study to keep up with the changes in their career. Seneca explains that without wisdom then all of our other studies have no value, he further explain that without any connection in their studies then the teachers teaching it, are far from being moral teachers. He claims that what the different teachers teach doesn’t give us instruction on how to behave, share and how to understand each other. He states to Geometrician and I Quote, “If you’re such an expert, measure a man’s soul; tell me how large, or how small is it”. He wonders why is it important to thing in the universe and be aware its dangers in advance if we cant escape. Well I disagree with him because knowing in advance gives us time to prepare an escape. Seneca believes the reason for us to get a liberal education is because it prepares the mind for moral values. He further explain liberal studies doesn’t make a person loyal, kind and good-natured towards all, or even show emotion such as self-control, humanity, simplicity and others, but it helps to make a loyal, kind etc. He explained that a person who doesn’t read will never be wise but without external aids the memory...
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