Sending Aged Parents to Old Folks Home

Topics: Reason, Folk music, Old age Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: August 28, 2012
Nowadays there are more people sending their parents to old folk’s home for a variety of reasons: 1) They cannot stand living with their parents. 2) No time to take care of them due to career. Do you think sending parents to old folks home when they are old is a right thing? After all these years of nurturing us? But what if we cannot stand living with them anymore?

To start with, in my opinion this issue that we can’t stand living with our parents is not correct. If we just mention to our childish days we can understand that they did every thing for us honestly, so how can we forget about this whole things. Every morning most of us after getting up would go and have a look at ourselves on mirror then what we see is not just a human who has been made of nothing but in contrary there were 2 people who spent their life to grow us up. So how can we just forget about all these feelings which were spent for us.

However most of the people who send their parents to folks home would say that although we attend to what they have done for us, we can’t take care of them due to our career so we send them some where to be sure that they have every thing in time. But is it acceptable reason? No it’s not because in one hand we should know that when we were child they could do many thing instead of taking care of us but they spent their time for us. In another hand in that situation we would not be able to take care of our children too because they need to be looked after more than an elderly one. As a result this statement that our career forces us to do this is not logical.

Furthermore, it would have many disadvantages for us because one day we would be old too and this would happen for ourselves. Can we imagine what we would feel then? When you spent your whole life to take care of your children but what is your prize? Living in a folk’s home? All of us may heard this proverb from our parents or grandparents that “the life is the repetition of history” so the history...
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